The foundations of Artekya Limited Company were laid in 2005 when NanoFiber Membranes Group (Nano FMG) made researches on nanotechnology in Istanbul Technical University laboratory. During this period, the R&D group was supported by the Ministry of Industry and TUBITAK. R&D group has achieved successful results in many R & D projects and has transformed these projects into innovative commercial products in almost all areas.

Artekya became the commercial branch of the group and carried on handling  nano technology products and created its first brand, Nasiol.


Artekya has been developing since the establishment of glass, metal, textile, ceramics, wood treatments on almost all surfaces and products are collected under the brand ‘NASIOL’. With this brand name, it has spread all over the world by meeting the industrial needs and offers coming out of overseas and worldwide.

Artekya, with its highly innovative and broad technology, closely follows the technology with its superior engineering staff, has started to work on the nano coating products.