Nasiol is a leading manufacturer of solutions for the nanolayer surface protection needs of the retail and the industrial world. In this challenging period, the world is going through, Nasiol, along with its engineers, has taken immediate steps to start new and improve upon existing projects that can serve as a benefit to the well-being of us all.

One of the new formulas that we are pursuing after is the antimicrobial solution, which aimed at protecting human and environmental health to ensure that the surfaces protected from harmful bacteria and viruses.

Our endeavors in the area of keeping high exposure to contact surfaces free of germs and eliminating potential contamination against harmful microorganisms are going strong. We are at the end stages of developing a disinfectant and antimicrobial solution that will serve the purpose of effectively aiding in protecting human health.

Nasiol will begin mass production of its disinfectant and the antimicrobial formula soon, so stay tuned or contact us to hear more about the upcoming projects.


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