Artekya Technology launched its new leather product. Nasiol LeatherBoost was introduced to retailers by the office and home cleaning companies.

Nasiol LeatherBoost Usage Areas

Nasiol LeatherBoost is a nano protection product for genuine and artificial leather.

Used for home and office leather and artificial leather seats and furniture, car seats, used for clothing, shoes, watches, lanyard, coats, bags, wallets, etc. surfaces.

Nasiol LeatherBoost Specifications

When applied to genuine and artificial leather surfaces of vehicles, houses, yachts and boats, it creates a transparent nano protection layer by providing water repellent, oil repellent and stain repellent properties. It provides protection against applied surfaces to remain as the first day, wear and tear and color fading. It protects the surface against harmful effects of chemicals and UV rays. It extends the life of the surface by pushing dirt, stains and liquid off the surface.

Visit Nasiol LeatherBoost for more information.

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