With its rich Scandinavian history, its abundant geothermal energy resources, and Europe’s highest earnings per capital, Iceland presents an enormous opportunity for Nasiol to be very successful.

Our partnership with ICEDRIVE in Iceland comes at a perfect moment where Nasiol Research & Development team is working on many new exciting projects. Currently, Nasiol engineers in the nanotech laboratories are working non-stop from developing solutions that will guard against dangerous particles when they make contact with a surface treated with Nasiol Antibacterial formula. This formula designed to form a thin layer on the applied surface and kill the harmful bacteria when it gets on to the treated area.

Besides working towards solutions that will keep our surroundings and loved ones safe and guard against dangerous unseen elements, Nasiol has provided superior surface protection ranging from automobiles to clothing. In the motor vehicle sector, Nasiol solutions protect the surfaces against scratches, dirt, dust, stains, and the formation of rust.

Nasiol solutions are widely used in an industrial setting to prevent corrosion and material fatigue. The protection that Nasiol products provide is not limited to motor vehicles and industrial sectors. Nasiol line-up home and personal accessory care products present an option for customers to protect their home and personal belongings such as clothing, furniture, footwear, and electronic devices.

After Finland, we are thrilled at adding Iceland, another Scandinavian country, to the list of official partnership locations and looking forward to promoting current Nasiol branded products and introducing new product line up very soon with assistance from ICEDRIVE and its owner Gunnar Halldorsson.


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