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Artekya R&D Center celebrate its first year in Tubitak MAM.

Artekya family who was the manufacturer of nano coatings and exports its product to 122 countries among the world with Nasiol brand, gave start to the celebration with the speech of General Manager.

Members of Chair Board, and Co-founders; Abdullah Aşlamacı, Selçuk Ünal and Pusat Erat were also in the celebration which connected the vision of the future and the heritage of the past.

Activity ends with the cut of first year cakes and the humour of Artekya family gave joy to hours.

Established as a part of the innovation ecosystem in Turkey, Artekya leverages the latest technologies and a strong R&D foundation to offer solutions that address the needs of several industries. Their products are used globally, with the company maintaining a significant presence in the commercial and service industry machinery manufacturing sector. All those achieved by a great team.

A. Aşlamacı states; as the main nano coating manufacturer Nasiol’s products are known for their durability, hydrophobic properties, and versatility, making them a popular choice in various industries including automotive, marine, and home applications. Which we have developed for a better world.


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