There is no denying that the Covid-19 outbreak has impacted everyone globally and caused severe destruction within the world’s economy. Despite the negative impact it had on the economy, various sectors, such as nanotechnology, have generated an increase in demand during the pandemic.

Nasiol, a leader in the nanotech surface protection area, has been shown high interest in its products despite the global chaos caused by the Coronavirus. Engineers at Nasiol have sped up their efforts to find a long-lasting solution to prevent various germs from surviving on the surfaces of our homes and in our automobiles.

Nasiol will soon introduce an array of new products aimed at destroying germs when they get in contact with a surface treated with Nasiol Antimicrobial solution.

Even at these tough economic times, the world is facing; the Nasiol team managed to continue increasing its presence within the nanocoating market by signing up new partners to help us introduce Nasiol solutions to the greater community.

Most recently, Nasiol formed a partnership with Soma Plus Kokand in Uzbekistan by utilizing their vast range of connections and know-how of the Uzbek market to increase Nasiol Nano Coating products’ presence to the greater population.

With our exclusive business partnership with Soma Plus Kokand, the customers in Uzbekistan will have easier access to all of the Nasiol Nanocoating products and get introduced to new upcoming products immediately.


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