Back in November of 2019, Nasiol initiated contest conjunction with its distributors to encourage their customers to post photos and videos of noteworthy applications of Nasiol Products. The contest was titled Nasiol Perfect Shot and the first stage of the contest consisted of distributors in the countries of Brazil, Iran, and Russia. The rules of the contest included for the participants to take original photos and videos of Nasiol applications, display the product used in the shooting, and post it on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and VK. Participants were also required to label each post with the #NasiolPerfectShot hashtag. There were no limits as to how many times a participant can submit photos and videos. The submissions were then collected by the distributor of the country where the participant has posted and then the selection as to who will be the winner was placed upon the distributor. The grand prize for the contest included a brand new GoPro video camera to be awarded by the distributor. During this contest, #NasiolPerfectShot hashtag has received hundreds of submissions from participants and the contest concluded at the end of January 2020. Since the contest involved 3 nations and hundreds of submissions by the contestants, organizing the photos and the videos and selecting the winner of who made the best submission was done thanks to our distributors. Our distributors made this contest a reality and we thank them for their support during the duration of this event.


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