Artekya Technology goes on rising with its brand Nasiol.

Nasiol, which is shown as one of the most important actors in the market in the 2018 – 2028 Nano Ceramic Coating Market Projections Report, also mentions its name as Nasiol Nano Coating and increases its share in the reports with each day.

Nasiol, a registered trademark of Artekya Technology, is best known for its nano-ceramic coating products in the nano-coating market. Apart from this success in the auto group, Artekya, which has products in 10 different categories in the industrial scale, serves in the retail sector with 54 nano coating products in 4 different categories.

Artekya Technology is distinguished from the market actors by its ability to research and develop products. Artekya, one of the 13 manufacturers in the world in hydrophobic coatings, is listed among the 5 manufacturers in the world in superhydrophobic coatings production.

As Artekya Technology and Nasiol family, we would like to thank everyone who celebrated our successes with us and contributed to our development.

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